Turkey Killings

After grace at the Thanksgiving table, I announced that President Trump was hunting down all the turkeys Obama pardoned and executing them. I borrowed this line from a reader who unearths some funny stuff. But the first two reactions I received left me once again disappointed in my ability to deliver a joke. Aunt Lula asked, “Is he really doing that?” My 17 year old granddaughter queried, “Can he do that?” Part of the problem is that no matter how bizarre something is, we can actually imagine our President doing it. The rest of the problem is my family’s sense of humor. Last year I blogged about their reaction to my statement that after 100 billion humans born over millions of years, hospitals were running out of unique fingerprints and were assigning duplicates. My daughter-in-law said “Really!?” with amazement in her voice. My wife stated, “Hospitals do not assign fingerprints.” Of course not, but I am telling a joke here. Why is no one laughing? And are we all accepting the part about running out of unique prints? I would change the word “hospitals” to “government” if that made it absurd enough to be funny but I do not think it would help. They just do not think I am that funny. They are right that I talk too much, drive poorly, and blame others for my failings. But on this one issue I am right. I have the good sense of humor and the other family members are the problem. Except for my six year old granddaughter who thinks I am hysterical. I sure hope she is precocious because otherwise that observation will damage my argument.


2 thoughts on “Turkey Killings

  1. In fact, you are a very funny guy. Even my spouse, who is humor challenged, thinks you are funny—funnier than me, which smarts only a little because she is right. By the way, the other Trump joke is that his Generals found it necessary to tell him that Seal Team 6 was not composed of actual seals.


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