Turn Signals

When I was younger I used hand signals and turn signals while driving because I thought I knew where I was going and I did not care who else knew. I probably made fun of old people who did not turn off their signals after they turned. I do not remember for sure because I am the exact same age as Attorney General Jefferson Sessions and we could share one memory and name it Blank. Now I understand why senior citizens leave their blinkers on. We cannot hear the clicking sound they make and we cannot see the dashboard lights without reading glasses and a manual explaining what all the icons and lights mean. Now that my computer, phone, and car are all smarter than me, I am getting defiant. Although it can be convenient that devices know exactly where I am and exactly what I want, I resent that they can define and manipulate me so easily. So part of my ambiguous turn signal strategy is to confuse people because I value my privacy and no one needs to know my business or where I am going. Besides I do not know where I am going.


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