Many people have spoken about failure being a better opportunity to learn than success. That sentiment is often used to comfort and motivate losers in sport. Some great achievements have arisen after very low points in life. Learning is very valuable but not so important to me that I seek out losing to maximize my education. In fact I try to avoid losing at every opportunity but failure finds me anyway. This has allowed me to slowly develop more empathy for others who stumble and lessen my passion for some zero sum competitions that I used to enjoy more. People have spoken endlessly about winning and losing and I always enjoy a poetic turn of phrase. So Nick Saban caught my attention when he reflected recently on Alabama’s loss to Clemson in the college football championship game last season. He is a coach who has hogged more than his fair share of winning. His current message for his team: “Hopefully we won’t waste a failure.” Those words made me realize how often I have squandered my own failures and they awakened in me a strange new urge to destroy Clemson.

2 thoughts on “Failure

  1. As I sit in the Nairobi airport, I cannot help but remember that both Clemson and Alabama suck! (This comment also sucks, but some comment, however sucky, was needed to fill the void of the last two weeks.)


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