People Ratings

In the Calvin and Hobbes comic strip, Calvin was famous for confronting his father with ever changing Dad Polls and Approval Ratings. The relative value of friends, family, business associates, neighbors, caregivers, and others can vary over time just like entities on a stock market index. When an acquaintance at a college party was laughing big at my son’s jokes, her stock rose rapidly into girlfriend range. Some people see their Personal Stock crash over betrayals like boyfriend stealing, backstabbing at work, or passing on confidential information. Other times stock can decrease slowly over time when people grow apart as their lives go in different directions. You could be someone’s bridesmaid but then she moves far away or ends up married to someone who does not get along with your husband. Occasionally during my life I have stumbled on a realization that certain people were not as enthralled with me as I believed. Maybe they only formed a business alliance, were just very good at being nice to everyone, or simply wearied of hearing my same stories over and over. Other times I have been pleasantly surprised when someone has touched me with a kindness or a string of them, all the more enduring when they are oblivious to the existence of their Poll Ratings. Some actions can have multiple impacts. Tell a large group about your vote for President and you will likely find your individual Approval Ratings going up and down in the gathering. Tell them you read Stamper’s Blog and many may decrease your personal Stock Value. But you will easily make up the difference with the incredible uptick Stamper will give to your Approval Rating. Not that Calvin or Stamper actually keep a real rating sheet in a drawer somewhere.


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