Investment Strategy

I save money by doing my own taxes. Actually, I likely have lost big money doing this but am blissfully ignorant of what I have missed. The 1040 is not like an SAT exam; you do not get graded on it. A long time ago my company had four funds for employees to choose from for 401k investments. I chose to diversify by putting 25% in each fund and made no adjustments. Years later in union negotiations, our Benefits expert was discussing our offer with the company team and happened to mention that he did not know why anyone was in Fund A. He said they did a little survey to find out the reason. Half of the people seemed unaware they were in it and the other half denied being in it. I laughed along with everyone else but went back and lowered (but did not eliminate) my contribution and balance. Later the company added six more funds and I was too busy (lazy) to diversify into any of them. I had employees who claimed to be making more than their salary each year by investing 100% in the new Technology Fund. Finally in early 2008, I sat down with my oldest son (an intellectual property lawyer) and showed him my redistribution plan. I think I had designated 20% to Technology to catch up but he convinced me to go with 30%. Within months the Market began its great crash. Those who rode NASDAQ up only lost those crazy gains. But I took crazy Tech losses out of funds nurtured elsewhere and transferred in at the peak. This is why I am not too interested in the stories of friends and family members who brag about how much they made by investing early in Microsoft or Amazon stock.


One thought on “Investment Strategy

  1. There was one person in my ex-company who saw the 2008 collapse coming and converted her entire 401k into cash—later buying back all the same investments at yuuge reductions. I never really liked her much.


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