Having Children

When I was growing up, I often told my parents I was never getting married and I was certainly never having children. I do not remember having strong feelings about it but mostly enjoyed provoking their reaction as they would try so hard to convince me that I would change my mind. I did not change my mind, Mollie did. We were married for more than five years before we had a baby so I think my parents were worried about the second half of my pledge for awhile. When Ryan turned one, I had him up on my shoulders at my parent’s house. My Dad was still sitting at the dining room table after dinner. He was gloating as he reminded me how I used to say I was never having kids. He wanted me to admit that I was wrong. Ryan saved me from having to answer by projectile vomiting all over my head and clothes. Everyone was so amused but eventually someone took Ryan from me. My parents had a walk in shower right off their front door entrance, an odd place for it now that I recall the scene. I stepped in and took a shower fully clothed. I never imagined that I would be able to see the humor in the incident over forty years later.


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