Eating Insight

One daughter-in-law of mine is a vegetarian and organic health food advocate. She does not usually eat meals. She grazes on fruits, smoothies, and other healthy snacks. The chocolate she consumes is an insult to the word chocolate. She “cheats” by eating frozen yogurt. She will cook spaghetti and vegetables for her children but will not eat them herself. She buys her three kids salads, fish, turkey sandwiches, and pizza from places like PCC and Whole Foods. Except for salad, she will consume none of it. She used to enjoy eating salmon but not any longer because they are living beings with eyes and all. She admires Breatharians who allegedly live without ingesting food. Since she is a long distance runner, she is often severely depleted at the end of exercise. We once pulled over at a PCC on the drive home from a run because she was acting woozy. Before I could get through the checkout line, she consumed an entire plate of food samples. She is only one of many people in a subculture of extremely disciplined eaters and exercisers; but what seems unusual to me is that she and my son binge watch television cooking shows. She is never going to eat or cook anything being prepared in those competitions. In fact, much of it should repel her. Now I realize that we can all be fascinated by things we do not personally believe in. My wife has always been addicted to murder mystery books and shows but as far as I know, she has no interest in being a murderer or being murdered. I think climbing Mt. Everest is idiotic but I was enthralled with Krakauer’s book Into Thin Air. Tomorrow I will report on my other big discovery: water is wet.


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