Sticker Prices

A couple of years ago when I started seriously printing photographs at home for genealogy and photo album projects, I needed to upgrade the quality of paper I was using. I was willing to pay a premium for my hobbies but was overwhelmed by the options at the office supply store. I saw a packet with 50 sheets but was experiencing sticker shock at the $31 price. While on my knees looking at packages on the lowest shelf, I found 100 sheets of the same product for $19. I spent a great deal of time looking for differences. I was surprised when the item actually rang up for $19 at the register. I have come across price anomalies before on sales or discontinued items but this seemed extreme. I have been back several times, seen the same exact prices, and made the same purchase. I am not elated about getting some great deal because I know the business is making a profit on the $19 transaction. I am more annoyed that the store is taking an opportunity to gouge customers like me who might wander in to purchase photo paper for a special project. The expensive package at eye level has a price that might seem irrelevant when compared to the overall significance of a wedding, 50th Anniversary, or milestone birthday. I do not buy anything else at that store because I do not want to work at avoiding windfall premiums. That is one reason my wife buys her own cars. Some employees who relate to the customer will actually identify the better deals but they probably do not get rewarded with promotions.


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