Elon Musk

Last year a video clip was widely circulated where Elon Musk (CEO of SpaceX and Tesla) answers a question about the possibility that we are living in a computer simulation. He uses the forty year evolution of gaming technology from Pong to augmented 3D virtual/alternate reality to project the inevitability of computer simulations which are indistinguishable from reality. If a billion computers become capable of creating such simulations, then the chance that we are in base reality is minuscule according to Musk. He postulates that we should want that to be the case because otherwise our civilization must end before the otherwise inevitable evolution to these computer simulations. Some religions like Catholicism eventually reconciled the science of Copernicus (sun as the center of the Universe) and Darwin (evolution) with the Church belief structure. I assume religions will be able to adopt the Musk theory if it survives the initial Inquisition period and becomes impossible to ignore. After all, it would be fairly easy to make God the architect of the computer simulation we are in. We should be thankful we are not in the boring simulations without Donald Trump.


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