Crowd Size

One issue both political parties should be able to agree on is getting to the bottom of discrepancies in the reporting of crowd sizes over the weekend. The President and his Press Secretary are furious at alleged under counting of Inauguration turnout. How many people marched in protests the following day is under dispute as well. In both cases, crowds were large but clearly we need to pinpoint some exact numbers. We have surveillance experts who can study photographs. A Congressional investigation should restore governmental credibility. We can put confirmation hearings on hold, delay construction on the Wall (the Mexican government already missed their first payment anyway), and limp along with Obamacare for a few more months. We should also investigate the President’s claims that the election he won is tainted by the suppression of at least three million votes. The three million people casting those votes were apparently at the Inauguration but not acknowledged by media covering the event.  If our intelligence agencies can overcome their obsession with ISIS, they should be able to determine who is responsible for this mess. Prosecution of all involved should be our highest priority.


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