Killer Headline

I usually try to assemble things before reading the directions even though I have no aptitude for assembly and the results are usually disastrous. After 128 daily blogs, I finally skimmed The Golden Rules of Blogging and realize I should have read it 128 days ago. Micah Baldwin is quoted in the book saying a blogger wants conversations to occur about the topic but writers just want people to read what they write. I do not consider being a writer some lesser state of being than a blogger but I am willing to consider the blogging rules. Rule #1: Blog for your Target Audience. My whole life my target audience has been hot chicks but my postings on Centenarians and Seventyish seem to be missing the mark. Rule #2: Self host, do not use WordPress. Rule #8: Stick to one topic or niche. A little late for that. Rule 10: Blog about your topic, not about yourself. That will never work. Rule #12: Always include at least one image. I would definitely include many pictures of myself if I had the technical capability. Rule 14: Killer Headlines are essential. Rule 18: Do not steal someone else’s words. Oh yeah, Robin Houghton wrote these rules. Rule 28: Know all the rules before you begin. Rule 9: Always end with a question. Does any of this make much sense or is it hopeless for me?


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