I cannot believe the fuss the grandchildren are making outside my door. They have no appreciation for the true meaning of Christmas. I have been screaming at them but still they persist. I am locked in my den, hard at work trying to make sure millions of people around the world are not disappointed. Imagine if families wake up on Christmas morning and do not find a blog posting from me today. My grandkids just cannot see the big picture. They are only interested in opening presents and inhaling brunch. I may have to teach them a lesson on the spirit of Christmas that they will not soon forget. I cannot even understand their hysterical ranting but it severely impairs my ability to compose today’s epistle. Now the oldest one seems to be yelling that the advent candles have set the Christmas tree on fire. I was not born yesterday. It will take more than an old trick to flush me out before I complete my mission. Okay, I hear fire engine sirens. I better go out and see which neighbor is in trouble.


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