Zhuang Zhou (aka Zhuangzi) reportedly said (circa fourth century B.C.) that he dreamed he was a butterfly, happily fluttering hither and thither. When he awoke, he said he did not know whether he was then a man dreaming he was a butterfly or whether he was now a butterfly dreaming he was a man. Zhuang Zou is thus credited with being the first to postulate that all humans are actually butterflies with advanced dream capability. Later scientists have proven his theory correct, citing a succession of butterfly inventions: flight without direct support from any surface, butterfly kisses, and the Philippine butterfly knife. Most notably, butterflies introduced the Butterfly Effect to the world by making small changes in a complex system which causes large effects elsewhere. The butterfly that distracted a Scottish prison guard a few centuries ago precipitated a jail break that led ultimately to Donald Trump being elected President of the United States. This and other incidents are not widely known because butterflies in the current world hierarchy are cautiously modest about their achievements. But you can bet they will be flapping their wings if the next four years go well in the States.


One thought on “Butterflies

  1. Many butterflies will flap even if the next four years don’t go well, and The Donald will ride that wind to a second four years.


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