I do not know why death is billed as so certain. Death is actually the rarest of events, much less inevitable than taxes. My Dad over prepared for everything. He would plant his own water on the course before running a Marathon, apparently feeling that aid stations two miles apart might not be sufficient. Yet when he died at age 80, he had made no arrangements for a burial site. He was wealthy enough to purchase several alternatives. This was so unlike him that I could not comprehend it until my brother explained, “He didn’t think he was going to die.” This was such an epiphany for me. I do not think I am going to die either. Sure, I pay lip service to the specter of death. But every day for over 25,000 days, I wake up alive and live another day. My Dad beat death 29,291-1. In other words, life rounds off to a 100.00% certainty. The rarity of death is just another well guarded secret of cemetery and funeral home businesses and my Dad was way too smart to be taken in by their scams.

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