Earlier this week my four year old granddaughter called me “the stupidest grandpa ever.” I confirmed with her that she was saying I was the stupidest of even grandpas dead hundreds and thousands of years ago. I gave her room to to amend her statement to make me just “one of the stupidest grandpas ever” but she held firm. In the interest of full disclosure, some evidence does exist that makes her claim arguably credible. After a few days of offering her examples of other candidates for the stupidest title, yesterday she called me the “second stupidest grandpa ever.” She has learned the value of leaving wiggle room when making absolute statements. My goal is to extricate myself from the top ten. If she ever claims I offered up any of my readers as a possible substitute on the stupidest roster, do not believe it for a minute. Her hobby is throwing me under the bus when she gives her daily report to her Mom on how I did as a Nanny. I am OK with that because as her great grandpa liked to say, “You get what you pay for.”

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