Road Trip

At the end of one summer (1966 I believe), my friend Paul (a good looking ladies’ man) and I drove a loop through Canada, down to Montana, and back to Puget Sound. Toward the end of the trip, I realized the purpose was to visit popular girls he knew from college. We had little money, so we camped out. We were ill prepared for camping, probably because Paul expected some free lodging and meals from the families we surprised along the way (no cell phones back then). At the first campsite, I dropped my green tinted contact as I was trying to put it in without the help of a mirror. It floated to the ground and I could not find it in the grass. So I stood up and purposely dropped the other contact. Apparently I thought that if I watched really closely, it would lead me to the lost contact. It actually led to a now famous saying: “Don’t throw good contacts after bad.” We appeared at the next stop as Tom Cruise and a squinting Rain Man. A lovely young lady explained that while she would love to hang out with us, her brother was entering the seminary tomorrow and the family needed to spend the evening together. Paul then asked if we could just cook some of our food in their kitchen to take to a nearby Park to eat. We must have been really hungry and really broke to open a can of baked beans and heat it up in one of their pans. Under the influence of low blood sugar, I filled the awkward silence with some edgy repartee. Paul smartly left me in the car for his next couple of surprise visits but they still did not lead to lodging or meals.

One thought on “Road Trip

  1. And in September of 1967 I visited one of “Paul’s Girls” in Missoula, Montana, on my way home from Philadelphia. Suffice it to say, the visit was apparently one of the low points of her summer.


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