Ordering Food

A few years back I made the mistake of telling my wife and sons to order for me in restaurants when my mental capacity diminishes. I wanted to avoid the struggle I once witnessed for both the customer and the server while well meaning bystanders respected the aging person’s right to choose. Recently when a waitress sped too quickly through the list of salad dressings, I asked her to repeat the choices. My eldest son piped up, “He’ll have the Italian.” I nodded affirmatively but turned to the comedian and told him, “Not yet, Ryan. Not yet.” Now, of course, my three boys make suggestions for me all the time, taking special pleasure in inquiring about menu items they know I would never select. My advice to young people is to pick a spouse you know will outlive you, unless you are absolutely confident you will have daughters.


4 thoughts on “Ordering Food

  1. Yep, even heavily processed “meat” is considered meat by current standards, particularly in stadiums. The inventor, 4th Earl of Sandwich John Montagu, stuffed meat into a loaf of bread, thus making the hot dog a more traditional looking sandwich than one made with sliced bread.

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