One major political party broke a barrier that gives new credibility to a large segment of the population. As a lifetime narcissist and buffoon, I never thought a path to the Presidency existed for people like me. The GOP has given me hope. For those who lack the capability to recognize me as a narcissist, this is because I am one of the truly elite (like a skilled sociopath) who can disguise his condition. At first when I read the definition of a narcissist in a Psychology textbook, I thought it was as ridiculously broad as a horoscope because it could even describe me. I knew I could write better than the idiot author. Eventually though, with the help of my superior intellect, I realized that my parents and grandparents made me feel like I was the center of the Universe and it was all their fault that I could never shake that learning. So I owned my condition and have worked hard over the years to become the most self centered narcissist possible. The people who know me best can confirm this.


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